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Viewing on the Grounds

Thank you for viewing these films on the physical grounds of Princeton Battlefield State Park.


The colonnade is located at:

Princeton Battlefield State Park

500 Mercer Road

Princeton NJ 08540


Free parking is available in designated areas along both sides of Mercer Road and additional parking can be found in the State Park parking lot across the street from the colonnade.


In order to experience The Time Traveler's Lens on the park grounds, please bring with you a mobile device that can access the internet without WiFi (such as a smart phone).

You may also want to bring headphones to better hear the soundscores for each film.

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How it Works

The following explains the four steps you'll follow to experience the performance on the park grounds:



Install YouTube

If you don't already have the YouTube app on your mobile device, please download it now. It's free and will allow you to experience these films in 360 simply by moving your device around you!



Unlocking Free Access

Viewing The Time Traveler's Lens on the Princeton Battlefield State Park grounds is FREE and simply requires a password that can be found on the park grounds. Once you arrive, pull up this website and choose "I'm already on the park grounds"—you'll then be told how to locate the password! 



Getting Ready

Once you've entered the password, all five films will be available for viewing in whichever order you prefer. Choose your own adventure!


Each film starts at a different location around the colonnade. When you select each film, you will be guided to its starting point on the grounds. You'll then be asked to face the colonnade and hold up your mobile device so that the film's Preview Image lines up roughly with your view of the colonnade. 



Time Traveling

Once the Preview Image is lined up roughly with your view of the colonnade, you will select "Play Film." The film will automatically open on your YouTube mobile app and begin to play. You can then turn your device right and left, above and below you, and follow the characters as they beckon you through the space. Now it's time to have fun—YOU are the time traveler and co-narrator of this work, so no two viewings will ever be the same!

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