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AR vs. VR: What's the Difference?

These films were originally designed to be viewed on the physical grounds of the colonnade at Princeton Battlefield State Park. When viewing these films on the grounds, they are considered Augmented Reality (AR). You can hear, see, touch, and enjoy the scents of the physical space as the performers appear to dance around you. Viewing these films elsewhere is considered Virtual Reality (VR), as the environment exists only through virtual technology. Both AR and VR technologies now fall under the umbrella category of Extended Reality (XR).

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The Time Traveler's Lens can be experienced for FREE when viewing it as Augmented Reality (AR) on the park grounds.

Alternatively, The Time Traveler's Lens can be experienced in the comfort of your own home or backyard remotely with a one-time ticket purchase that provides infinite Virtual Reality (VR) viewings.

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